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  • Name: Drawstring Garbage Bags
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Drawstring Garbage Bags

Product Information

Product Brand


Product Name

Drawstring Garbage Bags

Product Material


Product Size

500*600*0.015mm*3rolls  50pcs/roll150pcs/box

Color Box SizeOutside Size


Durability Period

Four Years

Range of Application

20L Dustbin

Product Features

Drawstring Design; Lock Adors; No Dirty Hands !

Rolling With Dots-Severing Design; Using Freely And Conviniently !

Ultra-Large Capacity; High Space Effiency;Thickening Processing With Durable Quality !

Using Methods

Step1Take Out The Bag

Open the packing along with the dotted line on the color box and take out the bag(Tear off one bag along with the dotted line)

Step2: Put On The Garbage Bag

Put on the garbage bag on the trash (storage rubbish)

Step3: Pull UP String

Pull up the string to wrap the rubbish (You can tie a knot if necessary)

Step4Take Away

Take away the bag with the rope (Convenient and avoid of hands dirty) 

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