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King’s Mission
King is committed to building a noble, open and democratic, constantly changing, outstanding principled yet flexible team with effective communication, absolute trust, and continuous learning, focusing on human nature without losing a sense of crisis, and contributing to the country and the nation's prosperity and constant progresses of human society.

Core Concept

Each member of King’s team must be Creditable, Integral, Diligent, Frugal.
Team relationship must be dealt with in an honest, fair, transparent and efficient manner.
In business activities, we must provide sincere, excellent quality and services at reasonable prices and follow commercial codes of ethics.
In social activities, we follow universal fraternity and tolerance, follow the social ethical norms, and keep to the state laws and regulations.

Corporate Philosophy
Teamwork, Innovation, Continuous Improvement

Business Philosophy
Customer First, Direct Selling, No Inventory

Excellent Quality, Good Service, Low Price

Quality Policy
Full Quality Assurance, Process Efficiency, First-class Quality Products and Services; On-time Delivery, Continuous Improvement, Full Satisfactions of Customer Needs and Expectations

Environmental Policy

Pollution Prevention and Environmental Protection in Line with Environmental Laws and Regulations;
Recycling and Environmental Management with Continuous Improvement as Goal

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